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About TechieNest

logsoTechieNest is a certified ISO 9001:2008, technology service provider and training organization. The soul mission of founders is to facilitate the education, research and development program; all under one roof. In a very short span of time our team has successfully delivered the impactful service to more than 200 colleges, including the most prestigious institutions of India, such as IIT Mumbai, IIT Delhi and all the NITs. All over the India, with our 6 centers, we are renowned for our own manufacturing unit and unique content. TechieNest is moving ahead with an ideology where practical and theory are equally emphasized.

In the vast growing ‘Technical Era’ we are rising with a mission to expand the set boundaries of the ‘techie-brains’ to Explore, Invent and Innovate!

About ηvision IIT Hyderabad

nvision_bStarted in 2011, ηvision is the techno-management fest organised by the students of IIT Hyderabad with a motto of providing a platform to the technical enthusiasts of our country to explore and innovate and showcase their technical and engineering prowess. Over the past 3 years, ηvision has gradually evolved from an inter college festival to one of the recognised techincal fests of our country.

With a broader scope and bigger ideas, ηvision 2016 looks forward to exploring ever widening horizons and surmounting greater heights. With a myriad of events spread across a plethora of domains, ηvision 2016 promises to be a platform which shall integrate technology with challenging life problems. A festival full of promise, ηvision 2016 shall be a journey more exciting and enthralling than any other to bring out the real geek in any techie.


  • Embedded Systems & Robotics
  • AI
  • Robotics lab Setup
  • IOT
  • VHDL
  • Real Time Automation
  • PCB Designing
  • Networking
  • Surface Computing
  • Ethical Hacking
  • Animation
  • Android

About aIRC’17

TechieNest presents AI ROBOTICS CHALLENGE (aIRC) in Association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad.  aIRC is an initiative of TechieNest on the behalf of nVision, IIT Hyderabad to bring a great opportunity to our budding engineers to empower their technical skills in the field of Robotics. A competition which allows engineers from various engineering colleges pans India.

For proper guidance to the student TechieNest will organize various workshops/Seminars in IIT Hyderabad and various other colleges in India for the first round of AIRC. The winners of the event of each workshop will get direct entry into the final round of AIRC which will held at IIT Hyderabad.

The winners will be getting a certificate of merit– in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad 2017 and participants will be provided with a certificate of participation from the same.

The finale winners of the competition will be awarded with the title ‘Artificial Intelligence ROBOTICS CHAMPION-2016-17’ with a huge prize worth INR 1 Lakh.

aIRC’16-17 Event details

TechieNest in association with ηVision, IIT Hyderabad presents aIRC, AI Robotics Challenge’16-17. As a part of this event we are organizing Zonal Rounds all over India for selecting finalists for this event. For this your college has been chosen as one of the institutes to coordinate and conduct a zonal round of AIRC in association with ηVision, IIT Hyderabad.

In each zonal round we will conduct one training session followed by a competition round on Robotics organized at the end of the session. This program aims to groom the students with fundamentals of Robotics & Embedded Systems. Thereafter Winners of the zonal round will be getting a Certificate of merit in association with ηVision, IIT Hyderabad. Apart from this, the winners will be getting a wild card entry in the final round of AIRC at IIT Hyderabad in April.

Stages of the event aIRC

A Robotics workshop will be held at different locations at the Engineering institutes pan India.( The duration of the workshop will be two days (8 hours per day).

At the end of that workshop a Robotics competition will be organized and winner of that competition will get a Certificate of merit in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad.

Apart from this, Winners will be given wild card entry for final round of AIRC’17 at IIT Hyderabad in April 2017.

Next coming up is the Final round of AIRC at IIT Hyderabad in April 2017.

Process guidelines

  • We want your association to make this AIRC’16-17 a big success in your college.
  • A proper publicity will be done about the event at all India level.
  • Date of workshop can be finalize through telephonic conversations with coordinators of AIRC’16-17 and TechieNest, according to college feasibility and time-slots available in our calendar.
  • The entire event will be conducted in your college campus.

Benefits of associating with us

  • Chance to get associated with India’s largest robotics challenge.
  • Name & logo including website link will be published on nVision, IIT Hyderabad website (www.nvision.org) and our official website (www.techienest.in) citing that you are our “Official Zonal Partner”.
  • Authorized Team and Trainers will be visiting your college to organize the entire event.
  • Certificate of Association to college from nVision, IIT Hyderabad in association with TechieNest.
  • Chance to get associated with Nation’s one of the best engineering institute IIT Hyderabad.
  • Posters and flexes will be sent to you for effective regional publicity.
  • All India publicity through SMS and mails will also be done.

Some Key benefits to participants

  • Chance to win National Robotics Challenge to be held at IIT Hyderabad.
  • Chance to win prize worth INR 1 Lakh.
  • Chance to get placement at TechieNest Pvt. Ltd., Jaipur.
  • Learn Robotics by Exceptionally Qualified and Professional Trainers actively involved in Research & Development.
  • Certificate of participation in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad to each and every participant.
  • Chance to participate in a knowledge boosting Robotics competition at the end of the workshop.

Certification Policy

Certification of association

Certification of association to the college in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad & TechieNest Pvt Ltd, Jaipur.

Certificate of participation

Certificate of participation of aIRC’15 in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad & TechieNest Pvt Ltd, Jaipur for all participants.

Certificate of coordination

Certificate of coordination of aIRC’15 in association with nVision, IIT Hyderabad & TechieNest Pvt Ltd, Jaipur for all coordinators.

Registration charges are Rs 1,000/- per participant only.

The fee includes workshop training certificate, event registration to each member and a free Robotics tool Kit in group of 4 members.

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Our Centers

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